Community Engagement is how we get our message out there!

There are many opportunities for volunteers to help us with Community Engagement such as:

  • Helping us with our social media presence.  Currently we post to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter and we could use your help!
  • Sending us your photos of our events, classes and workshops
  • Joining our Community Engagement Committee

PlantAmnesty also staffs our educational booths at related venues with volunteers, always pairing up a veteran with a newcomer.

Boothing is a critical PlantAmnesty function as it allows us to:

  • Share PlantAmnesty's mission with the public
  • Share (and laugh about) examples of local pruning atrocities
  • Share our proper pruning tricks of the trade techniques
  • Introduce the public to our Gardener and Arborist Referral Service
  • Continue to build our ever growing membership base
We have many Events during the year where we could use your help!

If you are interested, Contact Us now to learn more!