PlantAmnesty Committee Descriptions and Responsibilities

Support PlantAmnesty's mission by joining one of our committees!  Our committees assist the organization anywhere from finance to marketing and have many diverse volunteer roles to fill. All of our committees strive to keep the heart and spirit of Cass Turnbull, our founder, thriving in our community and our partner relationships.

If you are interested in joining one of the committees outlined below, please email

Education Committee

The Education Committee raises awareness of improper pruning and provides solutions and training to professionals and amateurs. 


  • Attend monthly meeting
  • Help host or moderate monthly online classes.
  • Help host in-person classes and workshops.
  • Assist with curriculum review and planning.

Education Committee Chair - Jack Bautsch (

Events Committee

The Events Committee plans and executes fun public and member events for fundraising purposes.  


  • Attend monthly meeting
  • Organize events such as Plant Geek Trivia, Tree Hugger Bingo, and our Holiday Party
  • Be present at events as the face of PlantAmnesty
  • Have fun!

Events Committee Chair - Danita Day

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee is dedicated to spreading awareness of PlantAmnesty's mission. It is of utmost importance that the committee expand our membership base by engaging with a more diverse community and providing equitable access to the world of horticulture.


  • Attend monthly meeting
  • Explore ways to build and retain our membership base
  • Represent PlantAmnesty at community events (boothing or short presentations)
  • Seek out personal and corporate sponsorships
  • Promote a positive and nurturing organization culture

Outreach Committee Chair - Lauren Carroll (

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee ensures the organization is in good financial standing by evaluating the yearly budget, seeking grant opportunities, and assisting in the writing of the annual report.


  • Attend a quarterly meeting with the Board Treasurer
  • Provide input on fundraising ideas and guidance on business decisions.

 Finance Committee Chair - Mike Ewanciw (

Heritage Tree Committee - Returning 2024

The Heritage Tree Committee reviews nominations and selects heritage trees. This committee is comprised of PlantAmnesty Arborists and works in coordination with the City of Seattle Heritage Tree Committee. 


  • Review and set the policies of the Heritage Tree Program
  • Review trees nominated for Heritage Tree status


Tree Programs Committee

The Tree Programs Committee is composed of our referral arborists.  This energetic group donates two work days every year.  Their Arbor Day Pruning Day supports a local community property, and their fall work party benefits PlantAmnesty for work done on private property.   


  • Aid in building and maintaining PlantAmnesty's referral tree service.
  • Seek out ways in which the organization can be active in tree preservation.
  • Aid in organizing Arbor Day Pruning Day and a fall work party

Tree Programs Committee Chair - Camille Le Barbanchon and Tom Evans, Members Arborist Referral Service