The Heritage Tree Program

The Heritage Tree  Program is a cooperative program between the City of Seattle and PlantAmnesty.  The mission of this program is to celebrate Seattle’s Special Trees.


In 1995 the Education/Advocacy Committee of PlantAmnesty initiated the Seattle Heritage and Notable Tree Program. A few years later, the city became a cosponsor. The first Heritage Tree was recognized jointly by the City of Seattle and PlantAmnesty in 1996. There are now many more!


All trees must be within the Seattle City limits. Since PlantAmnesty is a nonprofit organization and not a legislative arm of the City, the Heritage and Notable Tree Program has no legal authority to declare Heritage and Notable Trees without the owner’s permission. Therefore all nominations must include the owner’s name and contact information.

With owner approval, the Heritage Tree nominations are reviewed by the Heritage and Notable Tree Committee and a determination is made by vote of the committee. Nomination forms are available online through the City of Seattle Website. Each Heritage Tree owner receives a certificate. Additionally, tree owners may request a plaque or engraved stone at the owner’s cost  by contacting PlantAmnesty. Heritage and Notable Trees are entered in the registry and listed on the city’s website.

Heritage and Notable Tree Dedications are of three types:

  • Public Dedication
  • Private Dedication
  • Private Ceremony

Annually, PlantAmnesty mails a Tree Condition Report to be filled out by the current owner and returned to us. Failure to return the condition report results in a site visit by a PlantAmnesty arborist.

Legal Protection

Legal protection for Heritage and Notable Trees is voluntary and optional. Most trees on the Heritage and Notable Tree lists are unprotected by City ordinance or conservation easement. We believe that the formal recognition and educational value of the designation encourages tree preservation. Some tree owners choose to put a Conservation Easement on their Heritage and Notable Tree. This is a contract between the tree owner and PlantAmnesty that may give the tree legal protection now and in the future. No one is ever forced to keep a high risk tree.


Funding for the Seattle Heritage and Notable Tree program was originally supplied by a grant from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources and the USDA Forest Service. No dedicated funding for the program currently exists. Funding is provided from time to time by various departments within the City of Seattle. In-kind volunteer services are provided by PlantAmnesty members of the Heritage and Notable Tree Committee and PlantAmnesty arborists.

More Information

Questions may be directed to the Heritage and Notable Tree Committee Chair by contacting PlantAmnesty.


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