We are only as strong as our volunteer base at PlantAmnesty! We are a vibrant, diverse, hard working group of individuals who are all passionate about the trees, shrubs and the overall health of our urban environment. Volunteer opportunities range from office organization to work parties, and we can find a place for any skill level. Be aware that some of our usual opportunities are temporarily on hold, due to coronavirus guidelines and concerns.  Here are some of our current volunteer opportunities:

  • Master Pruner Classes, (online)
    • Help instructors become familiar with Zoom
    • Serve as moderator for Zoom classes
    • Welcome students and explain class structure and Zoom features
    • Administer quizzes and track and moderate questions for the instructor
    • Get to know the instructors!
    • Instruct classes, depending on your background
  • Master Pruner Classes, (in person, in the future)
    • Set up and take down tables, chairs, etc.
    • Welcome students and provide materials
    • Sign in students
    • Represent PlantAmnesty at sales and information tables
    • Instruct classes, depending on your background
  • Master Pruner Workshops
    • Set up and clean up at site
    • Transport materials
    • Pack lunches for volunteers and instructors
    • Keep participants on schedule
    • Enjoy working with a wide variety of enthusiastic pruners!
    • Instruct workshop sections, depending on your background
  • Special Events including Plant Geek Trivia, Tree Hugger Bingo
    • Set up and take down at different event spaces
    • Serve food and beverages
    • Track, procure and pick up donations
  • Yard Makeovers
    • Set up and clean up at site
    • Prune, weed, renovate at a professional level
    • Deliver lunches for participants
    • Continue to learn!
  • Cass Turnbull Garden on Capitol Hill
    • Water the garden during summer months
    • Join the monthly work parties
    • Weed, mulch, plant, prune
  • Office Support
    • Answer calls and e-mails regarding Referral Services
    • Document organization and clean up
    • Organizing store room and inventory

Yearly, our large crew of PlantAmnesty volunteers typically contribute close to 4,000 hours to the success of our organization. We will continue to grow and stay strong with support from our volunteers. If you would like to join our fun family of volunteers, please complete the following and e-mail your answers to programs@plantamnesty.org





Phone Number

1. Why do you want to volunteer with PlantAmnesty?

2. What are you most passionate about?

3. When are you free to volunteer? Weekends, evenings, weekdays?

4. Do you have a truck, and would you be willing to help us move things?