PlantAmnesty's Master Pruner Program

Cass Turnbull started the Master Pruning Program in the early years of PlantAmnesty's existence as an organization. Her original goal was to educate homeowners on proper pruning and care of their landscape plants. Her intention was to create healthier, more sustainable, more naturally beautiful landscapes. Cass believed each plant had its natural best form and that proper pruning could bring this form out to make the plant healthier and extend its life. 

These courses were originally taught by Cass herself, with her own inimitable style and flare. As the years went by, more classes were added until they became a full series of twelve classes and three workshops that make up the program today. Pruning experts teach topic-specific pruning techniques in this series of in-depth classes and workshops. When completed, this program certifies the student as a PlantAmnesty Master Pruner.

Some large landscape companies in Seattle have sent their employees through the Master Pruner Program for decades. The certification has become a mark of professionalism in the local green industry. In addition to the courses taught directly by PlantAmnesty, the University of Washington Botanic Gardens offers the PlantAmnesty/ProHort Master Pruner series for professionals. This series is time-condensed to a six week period, offered as full day classes on Tuesdays. UWBG/ProHort classes qualify for continuing education credits for APLD, CPH, ecoPRO, ISA, NALP/WALP.

PlantAmnesty Master Pruner classes are open to home gardeners, landscape professionals, and horticulture students. Complete the entire series to earn a certificate or just attend a few classes. Horticulture students can apply their college pruning classes towards certification (a pruning course from an accredited school is considered the equivalent of one in-person workshop).

Note: All classes are currently taught online. We hope to offer some additional classes (core and specialty) in person during 2024, dependent on classroom availability. Please watch our website for upcoming workshops. We encourage you to sign up for our Upcoming Events emails to be notified of workshops. Attendance in workshops is limited to maintain a low student:teacher ratio. Workshop registration will be posted and open when workshop sites are confirmed.