Do you need help with a fruit tree?
Do you need a tree risk assessment?
Maybe your garden needs a bit of renovation or a whole new design?

PlantAmnesty's Referral Service is here to help!

PlantAmnesty's Referral Service for Homeowners

PlantAmnesty provides referrals to the public for professional gardeners, arborists, diagnosticians, consultants, and designers in King County and southern Snohomish county, as well as arboricultural consultants in Kitsap and Pierce Counties. Our Referral Service takes into account your specific needs and matches you personally with a professional who can meet those needs. Our Gardeners and Arborists are carefully vetted and committed to outstanding customer service, professionalism, and best industry practices.

If you would like to hire a gardener or arborist, call PlantAmnesty's Referral Service Coordinator at 206-783-9813 or complete the form below. Please be specific about your neighborhood (i.e., Queen Anne, West Seattle, etc.)

The Referral Service Coordinator will get back to you with the names and contact information of three qualified gardeners or arborists for you to interview.  Don't come home to a ruined tree or landscape! 

A Word About Lawns

Lawn care is it's own niche in horticulture. It often requires specialized equipment including but not limited to mowers and trucks to transport them, as well as a different set of skills and background than fine gardening. Most of our Referral Service gardeners are fine gardeners who work in pruning and sustainable garden care. Most do not do lawn care, though some can recommend methods of replacing your lawn with something more sustainable. If your needs include a great deal of lawn care, we are probably not the best fit for you. For more information on lawn care, see King County Natural Lawn Care.

For professionals

To be eligible for membership in PlantAmnesty's Referral Service:

  1. Gardeners must pass a written test on pruning and general horticulture knowledge.
  2. Arborists must be ISA certified and be sponsored by one of our Tree Programs Committee Members.
  3. Both gardeners and arborists must sign a policy and ethics statement and pay a semi-annual fee.

If you would like to become a Referral Service member, contact PlantAmnesty's Referral Service Coordinator at 206-783-9813 or Contact us.

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