Cass Turnbull Garden

Effective April 4, 2022, Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) directed PlantAmnesty to discontinue all tours of the Cass Turnbull Garden. We hope to be able to resume tours at some point in the future, but SPR has not indicated when that might be. In the meantime, sometime this summer SPR will invite the public’s input into the future of the garden and the property where it is located.  This process will address questions such as: Should the completed northern half of the garden remain as-is? Should the southern half of the garden be completed as currently designed?  How should the rest of the property be configured and for what activities? What should happen to the buildings on the property? PlantAmnesty will post a notice when this public engagement process begins.  When it does, we hope you will voice your support for the garden.  Thank you.


The Cass Turnbull Garden: Building a Resource for the Community

  • Honoring Cass Turnbull, PlantAmnesty’s late founder and horticultural leader in the community
  • Supports PlantAmnesty’s Mission: Provide Education, Resources, and Advocacy to Prevent Mal-pruning and Preserve Urban Greenspace
  • Located at Kay Bullitt’s residence on Harvard Avenue East on Capitol Hill
  • A future Seattle Parks and Recreation public garden


Click on the photos below to learn more about the amazing history and evolution of the garden

Cass Garden Contributors

Anderson Gardens (design)
Aurora Rents (discounted rentals)
CalPortland (gravel)
Caring Landscapes—George Ortiz (labor, materials, equipment)
Cedar Grove Compost (compost)
Children’s Hospital (plants, granite stones, labor)
Cline Rentals, Lynnwood (discounted rentals)
Columbian Gardens LLC (consultation, labor)
Edmonds Community College Horticulture Program (design)
Exteriorscapes—Cameron Scott (consultation, gravel, stone, labor, equipment)
Flourish NW—Emily Ross (irrigation consultation, supplies, labor)
Fluent Tree Care—Alan Lamb (labor, equipment, arborist chips)
Garden Designz—Michelle Scannell (plants)
Greener Living Solutions—Joanna D’Asaro (design, equipment)
Ground Up Landscape—Giovanni Anichini (labor, equipment)

Kathleen Day, Landscape Consultant LLC (design)
Kelley Gardening Service—Keith Kelley (hand washing station, labor)
Madison Park Tree—Todd VanOrden (arborist chips)
Major Tree Care—Andy Major (arborist chips)
Microsoft employees thru Day of Caring 2019 (labor)
Legendary Tree—Dana Harper (arborist chips, equipment, labor)
Out on a Limb Tree Services –Kathy Holzer (arborist chips, watering bags)
Pacific Topsoils (gravel, mulch)
RedTailEdge Designs—Mary & Andrew Tuttle (design)
Rhizome d’etre Landscaping—Ruth Chaus (plants, supplies)
Seattle Parks and Recreation (consultation)
The Dirt Exchange—Gary Arc (gravel)
Thor Tree Company—Darrin Kuebler (stump grinding)
US Bank Employees thru Day of Caring 2017 (labor)
UW Landscape Architecture Program (design, construction)


As of January 2022, more than 250 volunteers have contributed nearly 12,000 hours to the garden.