PlantAmnesty's second goal is to provide solutions to the problems of landscape mismanagement. So, as you can imagine, we have many ways to help you do right by your yard or garden. We have pruning literature, pruning classes and workshops (some in Spanish), a book, over a hundred YouTube how-to videos, a referral service of qualified gardeners and certified arborists, free pruning for needy and deserving trees and gardens and a Seattle Heritage Tree Program. In addition, we can also provide speakers on a variety of pruning topics.

Referral Services

PlantAmnesty provides referrals to the public for professional gardeners and designers, certified arborists, diagnosticians and consultants in the King County area.

En Español

Educación sobre La Poda Selectiva para Profesionales en Jardinería

Pruning Literature

A PlantAmnesty membership gives you access to accurate information about pruning and landscape maintenance to the public.  We're here to help you just say no to shrub-shearing.

YouTube Pruning Videos

PlantAmnesty has over 100 pruning videos to help you learn to care for your tree or shrub

Arbor Day Tree Prune

Each year the PlantAmnesty certified arborists volunteer their time to prune trees in the King County area

Adopt-A-Plant Listing


Anyone may post plants for adoption to this listing, however access to these great finds is available to PlantAmnesty members only.



PlantAmnesty's Urban Forest Gateway

A web-based gateway to help the public locate those who can help


A PlantAmnesty member benefit.  Published quarterly, each PlantAmnesty newsletter contains Tales of Hope and Tales of Horror, illustrated pruning tips, plant health care and pest and disease information.