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Japanese Pine Pruning Workshop

Seattle, WA WA

PlantAmnesty's Japanese Pine Pruning Workshop will give you hands-on training with experienced instructor on techniques for pruning pines in the Japanese Garden style. Depending on how the spring develops, candling might be included, but scheduling contraints resulted in the workshop date being beyond the ideal candling window. Our primary focus will be on larger scale…

$125.00 – $150.00

Shrubs II: Shearables, Hackables, and Untouchables (Christina Pfeiffer)

Zoom WA, United States

Some plants can be cut to the ground each year, but there are others you barely touch and it's pandemonium! Find out which ones are which, as well as which plants are appropriately sheared every year. Plants discussed include lavatera, heather, lavender, rockroses, witch hazel, winter sweet, double-file viburnum, Perovskia, and Senecio greyi. Please note…

Get Tickets $20.00 – $25.00

Fruit Tree Pruning (Ingela Wanerstrand)

Everett Arboretum and Gardens 145 Alverson Blvd, Everett, WA, United States

Learn all about basics of fruit tree pruning through this partnership between Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens and PlantAmnesty! At this in-person class at the Arboretum in Everett, you will learn why your pruning strategies might be different when you prune for fruit production. This class will cover apple, cherry, plum, and pear trees.  Figs and…

Get Tickets $20.00 – $25.00 40 tickets left