What’s Happening In The Cass Turnbull Garden

Gratitude for invaluable contributions

  • Kay Bullitt for offering the land for the garden
  • Margaret Bullitt for funding the survey, park benches and materials for construction of the north portion of the garden
  • 180 volunteers for their 8000+ hours of effort to date
  • Edmonds College Horticulture Program
  • UW Landscape Architecture Program

The Cass Turnbull Garden needs the continued support of volunteers…

  • attend monthly work parties to maintain the garden
  • plant care in the nursery as they await planting
  • hand-water plants until irrigation is in place
  • help with publicity and fund-raising
  • Provide legal help in establishing a Garden Foundation

Winter 2021: Daniel Winterbottom’s Landscape Architecture Students begin construction in the north portion of the garden

The garden as laboratory for Design-Build Studio students to learn:
  • fine grading for paths and stairways
  • cutting stone for terraces
  • laying cobbles and pavers
  • setting granite treads/risers for steps
  • cutting mahogany decking for seating caps
  • pouring concrete bases for railings and seating
  • fabricate and weld metal detailing
  • building gabions for retaining walls
  • constructing dry-stacked walls
  • amending soil and planting
  • designing and building outdoor sculpture


The Cass Turnbull Garden needs your help to raise $195,000 …

Thanks to contributions from scores of donors and two generous matching grants, we have exceeded our 2021 fundraising goal of $195,000!  As of December 21, 2021, we have raised over $229,000. We continue to accept contributions to develop and maintain the garden, and provide necessary administrative support.

UW Landscape Architect Students, Winter 2021