Cass Turnbull Garden on Capital Hill in Seattle


In the spring of 2017, after attending Cass Turnbull’s moving memorial service, Ashley Bullitt made the generous suggestion to PlantAmnesty that a Cass Turnbull Garden could be created on a piece of her family’s large property on Capitol Hill in Seattle.  Eventually the Seattle Parks Department will take over the entire Bullitt property, including overseeing the Cass Turnbull Garden.  PlantAmnesty, thrilled and grateful, is tasked with clearing the land and procuring funding for the design and installation of the garden. 

PlantAmnesty volunteers have spent hundreds of hours moving brush, logs, trash, and other material from the site.  Volunteer designers met and came up with a schematic garden design.  Click the links below for more information.

Article describing the history of the conception and early development of the garden by PlantAmnesty President, Jack Bautsch.

Schematic design of the garden.

January 2018 Update on the Cass Turnbull Garden.

2018 Volunteer Schedule for the Cass Turnbull Garden.