TREE/PLANT OF THE MONTH: Little-Leaf Linden (Tilia cordata)

Little-Leaf Lindens are a medium to large sized deciduous tree. Their average size is 60’ tall, 25’ wide. There are several cultivars with varying sizes and shapes. It is often found as a shade tree in parks and large landscapes. It makes a good street as long as there are no power lines above. The fragrant flowers with a leaf-like bracket attract bees in the spring. It does have a few pests such as, Japanese Beetle, aphids and sooty mold but is worth planting. It needs minimal to no pruning to obtain a nice formal shape.

No Place for Old Trees

Read Cass Turnbull's thought-provoking series of articles collectively called No Place for Old Trees. Despite research quantifying the multiple values of the urban forest, trees and green spaces are in greater danger than ever before. Find out why and how developers captured the high moral ground in Seattle. And, learn how trees can and must go hand in hand with DENSITY. No Place for Old Trees is also available on the PlantAmnesty YouTube channel.

Cass' Density Rant

Part I
Part II: Infrastructure--Friend or Foe of the Urban Forest: Green Roofs and Bio Swales
Part III:  Infrastructure--Friend or Foe of the Urban Forest: Green Walls, Green Facades, and Permeable Pavement
Part IV:  Why We Don't Fund the Urban Forest and Green Space Programs
Part V:   Common Misconceptions

September is right around the corner... now is your chance to get involved!

We need volunteers to staff the PlantAmnesty booth at two upcoming events:

14th Annual Sustainable Ballard Festival
September 9th, 11 am - 4 pm

Master Gardener Foundation of King County: Cool Plants & Hot Topics
September 23rd, 9:30 am - 4 pm (in Bellevue)

Booth volunteers will:

  • educate attendees about our mission
  • tell people about the benefits of membership
  • sign up new members
  • answer questions
  • sell books & literature
  • join in the day's activities

Shifts at each event are 2 hours long.

To volunteer, contact Heidi Mair, General Manager; 206-783-9813 by Friday, September 1st.