• Runs the PlantAmnesty Certified Pruner education program and annual Prune-a-Thon event held at Sky Nursery. The core Certified Pruner program consists of classes and Renovation workshops. Optional additional offerings include classes and a workshop taught in Spanish, Japanese Garden Pruning, and Fruit Tree Pruning workshops each year. The Committee may add additional educational classes, workshops, and events as desired and budgets allow.
  • Provides leadership and volunteer training and fills voids in the educational classes and workshops in order for them to run effectively.
  • Selects suitable sites for classes and workshops.
  • Communicates volunteer needs to PlantAmnesty’s Program Manager.
  • Communicates with the Community Engagement Committee on observations and suggestions that will aid in gaining and keeping members, and ways to bring money to the organization.
  • Considers the changing educational needs of current and potential members and makes sure the information provided stays relevant

Committee members have the option to serve on subcommittees.  Subcommittees may include: Curriculum Development, Teacher Training and Mentorship, and Spanish Curriculum.

PlantAmnesty is dedicated to providing safe learning opportunities during this pandemic.  At this time, we are taking advantage of technology to provide remote learning that ensures safety and enables us to reach an audience outside our local region. Currently, the Education Committee has adapted to these new requirements by shifting focus to hosting/cohosting Zoom pruning classes, developing video pruning workshops, and developing new requirements for students to demonstrate what they have learned while attending classes and workshops remotely.  Education committee members will also help with adjusting in-person workshops to meet COVID safety requirements when it is deemed safe to do so.

Requirements: Committee members are asked to help host or cohost monthly online classes and will be expected to help host in-person classes and workshops when those can be safely held.  Attendance is expected at monthly teleconference committee meetings.