On July 26, 2020, Cynthia suffered a serious spinal cord injury and entered Harborview ICU.  The staff knew she would never walk again but didn't believe her injury to be life threatening.  Two days later, Mack, the love of her life, started journaling her recovery on Facebook and CaringBridge. He celebrated his love for his wife by writing a daily update on her progress, speaking with optimism and posting pictures of beautiful times in their life together. On January 19, 2021, after 26 weeks of heroic effort, Cynthia passed away.

Cynthia's specialties were a warm smile, a caring heart, and a radiant personality.  She was a member and loyal friend of PlantAmnesty for 27 years.  During those years, Cynthia served PlantAmnesty on the Events Committee and volunteered countless hours at events, plant sales, on retreets, at meetings, at the Flower and Garden Show, and recently as an essential member of the watering team at the Cass Garden.  As a real estate broker, Cynthia demonstrated her commitment to PlantAmnesty by donating to PlantAmnesty every time a PlantAmnesty member or someone they referred used her as their broker to purchase or sell their home.  Her passion was gardens, so much so that she said she helped people buy gardens (or gardens to be) that come with homes in the Seattle area.

Celebrating Cynthia

Mack invites those who wish to continue Cynthia's legacy at PlantAmnesty to donate to the Cass Turnbull Garden


"I remember Cynthia best for her warm, welcoming approach. When I volunteered at events for PlantAmnesty and didn't know anyone.  She approached me, sat down with me and made me feel welcome. I was glad to find her on the Events Committee when I joined. She is one of those souls that many will miss, as she surely gave something to everyone she met. I was saddened to hear about her freak accident that threw her and Mack such a challenge and was amazed at her courage for fighting her situation as long as she did. I didn't get to know her well but she is a person I will not soon forget."

Holly Shull Vogel

"I first met Cynthia in the fall of 2008, shortly after I was hired by Cass.  Cynthia, Cass, and I met to discuss the logistics of the huge Festival of Trees event planned for Spring 2009.  Cass dropped the bomb on me that I would be responsible for lining up 200 volunteers for the event!  Yikes!  After my jaw hit the table, Cynthia jumped right in and suggested that we split it up-60 or 70 people per person.  Phew, what a lifesaver!  And we did it.

A couple of years ago, Cynthia and I got together for a lovely lunch in Bell Town, just the two of us.  We had fun hanging out, sharing travel experiences, talking about various kinds of marijuana (which was legal by then), and laughing.

Cynthia was always a busy person, but still she found time to help PlantAmnesty in so many ways-volunteering, donating, and bringing her smile and sunny personality to many events.  We will miss her."

Laura Watson