Volunteers are the heart of most any nonprofit organization, PlantAmnesty included.  Our members cumulatively spend countless hours providing much needed services and education to the public.  Each year-end at our General Membership party, we proudly honor some of our most generous volunteers with Plant Activist awards, a Founder's Award, and the Summa Secare award for outstanding service to PlantAmnesty.

We would be delighted if you're interested in organizing and/or participating at various events such as the Flower and Garden Show, the Prune-A-Thon at Sky Nursery, Tree-Hugger Bingo with Ciscoe Morris, or one of the many other events and boothings PlantAmnesty puts on.  We welcome those who can donate transportation, hospitality at events, graphic arts (cartoons, illustrations), and office help too.  PlantAmnesty always needs people to speak on behalf of the trees, and serve on one of our fun committees.

PlantAmnesty staffs educational booths with volunteers, always pairing up a veteran with a newcomer.  We also encourage members to come to Volunteer Yard Renovations.  These group projects allow professional gardeners the opportunity to share tricks of the trade, tool information, and get to know others of their kind.  Novices get the opportunity to learn how to weed and prune from more experienced members.  And besides, everybody feels great after saving a needy and deserving landscape from years of neglect.

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