PlantAmnesty organizes one-day volunteer yard renovations for people without the means to do the job themselves, so that good pruning is available to all.

Once a year, PlantAmnesty gardeners meet to do for gardens what our arborists do for the trees on Arbor Day.  It's a cross between a party and a yard clean-up.  Yeah, that's it, it's a Garden Party.  Mostly, we weed like dirt devils, deadwood 'til the carpal tunnel kicks up, and kill what needs to be killed (plant-wise, that is).

With ten or twelve dedicated gardeners, we utterly transform a needy and deserving landscape in one sunny (and it's always sunny) afternoon.  It is extremely gratifying. Experienced gardeners share with the new kids.  Hobbyists mingle with the pros.  You get to check out how others rig their trucks, what tools they use, and especially - you professional gardeners - separate your charity work from your regular work!

A PlantAmnesty arborist will do the same for trees. Up to twenty companies gather to prune deserving trees for their community. For Greater Seattle and Pierce County only.

Contact us for info about the next yard renovation event.