Pruning Site Submissions

PlantAmnesty is always seeking out properties to be pruned for our Master Pruner Program hands-on student workshops and Yard Makeover. Take a look at our site requirements and if you think your property is a good fit, contact us at

How It Works!

  • PlantAmnesty staff will arrange a site visit to ensure there is enough plant material for our workshops. Different workshops have different needs, so we encourage you to inquire if you are unsure!
  • We ask for a tax-deductible donation for all teaching workshop and yard makeover days. For the teaching workshops, we ask for 30-40% of the estimated commercial price for completion of the discussed work. For yard makeovers, we ask for 65-75% of the estimated commercial price. As a non-profit, we rely not only on instruction and labor donations from within our community but also on property owners' donations to help fund our education programs and cover workshop and makeover expenses.


1. PlantAmnesty Teaching Workshop Sites

PlantAmnesty holds multiple in person workshops per year, and we would love to use your home as a teaching venue. We are always looking for sites for our Fruit Tree Workshops and Renovation Workshops. Reach out to PA if you have a property with a variety of greenery (shrubs, small trees, vines, etc.) and/or a private orchard. We will send out a trusted staff member to evaluate your property in order to ensure a good fit. Our professional instructors and skilled students will leave you amazed!

2. Yard Makeover Sites

Do you have a yard that looks more like an English Sheepdog than a sleek Rhodesian Ridgeback?  Look no further than PlantAmnesty. We hold yard makeovers twice annually when a group of professional gardeners will make your yard look dazzling. It is a wonderful way to get discounted rates on the highest level of pruning while supporting our organization.

3. Arborist Workday Sites

Arborists are the heartwood of PlantAmnesty! Once a year, in recognition of Arbor Day, our Referral Service arborists gather to prune some deserving trees for the community. For these workdays, we are always looking for large community properties (parks, boulevards, schools, etc.) with many trees - big, small, medium - we want them all!