Updated almost every day with new offerings, the Adopt-A-Plant listing is accessible exclusively to PlantAmnesty members. Although only PlantAmnesty members have access to these orphans to add to their gardens, anyone may list plants, or other garden-related items, for adoption — and we hope you will.  Just contact PlantAmnesty at info@plantamnesty.org with all the relevant details and our staff will write up your ad and post it online. Once posted, the Adopt-A-Plant list is available only to our PlantAmnesty members.

Our Adopt-A-Plant service is FREE; there is no charge for giving, posting or receiving.  If a PlantAmnesty member sees a plant they want, they contact the owner directly and make arrangements to pick up or dig up the plant.  If they dig it up, they fill the hole as best they can and leave things tidy.

Plants we cannot accept:

There are a few limitations, however.  We don’t put plants taller than 10′ on the list, nor do we post magnolias, madronas, daphnes, or camellias because they rarely transplant successfully.  Also, we cannot accept "volunteer" natives such as Big Leaf Maples, Douglas Fir, and Western Red Cedar trees--they are just too numerous in our area and are hard to place. If you have a tree that is not a candidate for the Adopt-A-Plant service, perhaps an arborist, gardener or a professional digger from our Referral Service may be of some help.

Here’s the information that we need to write the ad:

Name of plant: both common and botanical names are helpful, but if you only know one, that’s ok
Height and width
Location: i.e., Ravenna, West Seattle, Bellevue
Special characteristics: for example, red fragrant flowers or beautiful fall color
Ease of access: for example, easy access in parking strip, or in back yard up five steps and through a gate
Contact information: the person interested parties should contact.  Provide phone number, email, or both
Other information: anything else that might be of interest to a potential new owner

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