Although only PlantAmnesty members have access to these orphans to add to their gardens, anyone may list plants, or other garden-related items, for adoption — and we hope you will. If you have a tree that is not a candidate for the Adopt-A-Plant service, perhaps an arborist, gardener or a professional digger from our Referral Service may be of some help.


  • Plants that don't transplant well (i.e. Magnolias, Madrones, Daphne, and Camelia)
  • Native Volunteer Plants (i.e. Big Leaf Maples, Douglas Fir, or Western Red Cedar)
  • No Plants taller than 10 feet
  • No Invasive species
  • No Butterfly Bush, Heavenly Bamboo, Mint

*Some plants may not meet approval that fall outside of these restrictions; all plants will be reviewed before posting, thank you for your submission!

Information for Submissions

We're always interested in helping re-home healthy, safe, non-invasive plants.  Here is some of the information we need to post an ad:

  • For best results please include the common and species or variety name
  • Sizes (e.g. 5ft high, 8ft wide)
  • Accessibility (e.g. Front yard, easy access or; under larger tree, limited space.)
  • Characteristics (What makes this plant special)

Listings will remain visible for 60-90 days unless you let us know the plants are unavailable beforehand.

Plant Submission Form

"*" indicates required fields

Plant description, size, accessibility, and if you know it scientific name.
Please submit one photo of the plant or landscape area that's up for adoption. Please note that your photo will be published (only to registered Plant Amnesty members) so please be mindful of any indentifying information that may be included.
Accepted file types: jpeg, jpg, png, webp, Max. file size: 12 MB.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Available Plants

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