This year over 20 arborists/crew joined together on April 11th to climb, clean and prune over 20 London Plane trees that surround the Georgetown Playfield. Thank you to all of the arborists (Legendary Tree Care, Out on a Limb, The Tree Stewards, Champion Tree Care, Grun Tree Care, Madison Park Tree, Major Tree) and volunteers who donated their time and skills to ensure the safety of the trees and park visitors. Working together with Seattle Parks and Rec made for one successful day. Days like this are why we remain committed to ending the senseless torture and mutilation of trees and shrubs!
Check out some terrific pictures taken by Roger here
And Michael Oxman's videos are very here

Check out what our Master Pruner Alumni are doing!
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Today we are highlighting Scott Holland of Holland Landscape Maintenance (here's his website) in Tigard, OR. Scott has created a successful landscape maintenance company and recently created a short book on his pruning methods/mindset. Take a look!... click here