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 Happening SOON:

Urban Forest Symposium  May 17, 2016
Center for Urban Horticulture

 Sustaining the Urban Forest during Densification

Explosive population growth is underway in the Puget
Sound Region. The 2016 Urban Forest
Symposium will explore approaches to sustaining
thurban forest in the face of this rapid
densification. Speakers from Charlotte,Toronto
(Oakville), and Seattle will present case
studies of policies, ordinances, and programs
that have been successful at incorporating
trees in their cities. An afternoon panel will introduce
the tenets of Smart Growth Seattle, which have
influenced Seattle’s recent land use decisions
and thus the future of our urban forests
and greenspaces.    

For details and registration, click here.                                              

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Myers' Parcels

From our sister organization -

Should the city sell the undeveloped
Myers Parcels in southeastern West
Seattle or, as advocates have long urged,
keep all or part of the 30+-acre site as
open space:

The Seattle Green Spaces Coalition
has launched an online petition asking
city leaders not to sell the land.
You can sign it here.