Can Spring be Far?

This year resolve to treat all trees and shrubs with care and respect
using proper pruning techniques.

Pruning season is here or coming fast:  Check out PlantAmnesty's
pruning classes for roses, fruit trees and more.
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Cass got the call that Seattle City Light was taking down the trees at the Loyal Heights surplus substation
3 hrs. before the protest was scheduled to happen, and before the end of the last day of the 12 day public comment period. She went down there in PJ's.

There were about 3-4 cop cars, 5-6 cops, 4 City light reps,  two TV stations, Kempwest Tree service with chainsaws and bucket truck and, luckily, 5-6 early protesters with signs and banner. It poured rain.   


Remove the Contaminated Soil, Not the Trees at Loyal Heights

Open letter to Seattle Mayor Ed Murray    2-9-16


 Feel good, do good! Save some trees.


Let your inner activist out. Attend a tree removal protest in Ballard.

Just show up at noon, this Friday, Feb 12, at the Loyal Heights substation,  

7750 28th Ave N.W.,