The PlantAmnesty Arborist/Gardener
Referral Service for the Greater King County Area

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Do you need help with a fruit tree?
Is your tree a candidate for removal?
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Do you want to hire a gardener who really does know how to prune?

For homeowners: PlantAmnesty provides referrals to the public for professional gardeners, arborists, diagnosticians, consultants, and designers in the King County area, as well as arboricultural consultants statewide.  If you would like to hire a gardener or arborist, or receive an estimate of work, call PlantAmnesty's Referral Service Coordinator at 206-783-9813, ext. 3 and leave the following information:

General Location (city or town)
Phone Numbers (work, home, cell)

For professionals: To be eligible for membership in PlantAmnesty's Referral Service:

  • Gardeners must pass a written test on pruning and general horticulture knowledge.
  • Arborists must be ISA certified and be sponsored by one of our Tree Programs Committee Members.
  • Both gardeners and arborists must sign a policy and ethics statement; they will be expected to pay a semi-annual fee.

If you would like to become a Referral Service member, call PlantAmnesty's Referral Service Coordinator at 206-783-9813 and leave following information:

Phone Numbers (home, work, cell)

You can also contact us directly and provide the same information by email.