Learning to prune has never been easier ... or more fun!

Pruning: How to Prune and Renovate the Overgrown Garden This is the primary class of the series Master Pruner courses given by Cass Turnbull. It covers basic pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs as well as creative solutions to the overgrown or over-planted garden. The types of pruning cuts are shown and discussed. The concept of the "pruning budget" is introduced. Plants are divided into three categories according to their natural habits and pruning techniques given for each. Before and after slides of pruning and diagrams will be used to illustrate pruning for size reduction and pruning for definition (thinning). Viewers will gain insight into the process of yard renovation, where pruning is but one tool in restoring a garden.

Pruning for Previously Mal-pruned Plants This PowerPoint slideshow describes the three most common forms of mal-pruning (tree topping, over-thinning of trees and shrubs, and inappropriate shearing) and how to fix trees and shrubs which have been mal-pruned. Included is a discussion of water-sprouts, suckers, radical renovation techniques, and crown restoration.

The Shearables, the Hackables, and the Untouchables. - (Shrub Pruning 3) How to prune butterfly bushes, lavatera, heather, lavender, rockroses, broom, and witch hazel, winter sweet and double-file viburnum. Some plants get cut to the ground annually, others are barely touched or all hell breaks loose. Find out which ones are which, as well as which plants which are commonly--and appropriately--sheared every year. Also mentioned: perovskia, senecio greyi, smokebush, redtwig dogwood, and others. Stooling, coppicing and radical renovation techniques are described.

PlantAmnesty: What We Do "to end the senseless torture and mutilation of trees and shrubs caused by mal-pruning" This PowerPoint slideshow follows PlantAmnesty from its inception in 1987 to becoming a successful 1000 member organization. As a "mock militant" group PlantAmnesty has raised awareness of the need for better plant care by getting the problem in the news. The crusade to end tree topping has lead to similar campaigns across the country, but no one does it quite like we do!

Japanese Garden Pruning This PowerPoint presentation covers pruning Japanese upright maples (fan pruning), Japanese laceleaf maples (shell pruning), pruning bamboo, pruning pines (cloud pruning) and tamamono shearing of lower story plants.