Flash Cards

We offer a set of digital plant ID flash cards that include pruning information! On one side of the new plant ID flash cards is the plant photo and its common name. On the back is basic information, such as average size, sun/shade requirements, and how to prune (of course). These flash cards can be accessed by workers in the field on their smart phones. Very handy! You can take a look-see by going to www.plantamnesty.org then clicking on Education and Events and using the drop down menu to locate the flash cards. They are free and available in both English and, soon, Spanish. Because the cards are digital, the viewer is always just a click away from detailed information and helpful diagrams.

Our thanks to Samuel MacDonald and the WSNL Plant ID Guide for making these possible.

 Flash cards are organized according to Cass's three shrub groups.

Tree-like shrubs:


 Mounding shrubs:


 Cane Growers: