Cass Turnbull, founder and president of PlantAmnesty passed away on January 26th, 2017 while on vacation in Hawaii. In March over 500 people gathered to celebrate her life and times. Participants included past students, colleagues, friends, family and people touched by Cass in many ways. Thank you to Sky Nursery, the speakers, arborists, choir, volunteers and so many more who made this event a fitting tribute to an amazing woman. Please read some of the many tributes to Cass on our memorial page.



PlantAmnesty's Future

Many have asked if PlantAmnesty will continue without Cass. Yes! We are going forward to honor Cass’ memory and vision. We will continue fulfilling PA’s mission “to end the senseless torture and mutilation of trees and shrubs through mal-pruning.” Our programs and services (1) raise awareness of the problem of mal-pruning, (2) provide accessible solutions to the problem, and (3) engender respect for plants. In all of this, we remain animated by Cass’ indomitable spirit.  

In 2017 our activities are focused on several areas:

  • Shear Madness campaign - We will educate the public, landscape professionals and HOA's about the effects of the damaging, unsustainable, expensive and tragically widespread practice of shearing all shrubs. We will demonstrate how sheared landscapes can be converted into healthier, more natural-looking, lower maintenance properties. We plan the final editing of our Landscape Conversion video and will add it to our YouTube channel.
  • Continued outreach to Spanish-speaking landscape workers -  We plan to translate more pruning materials into Spanish, including the Landscape Conversion videos on our YouTube channel, and our digital plant identification flash cards.
  • Respond to the ongoing high demand for our hands-on pruning workshops. - We plan to offer smaller workshops on a more frequent basis, making them more accessible.

PlantAmnesty needs your time, talents and passion.

Here are some of the ways you can get involved: 


  • Educate event attendees about PlantAmnesty's  mission and member benefits; sign up new members. Answer questions and sell books & literature. 
  • Join a committee - help plan events, workshops and more.
  • Participate in a renovation workshop.
  • Share your expertise:
    • technical skills
    • writing/editing
    • event planning
    • public speaking
    • fundraising

GiveBIG on May 10th!

Keep the emerald in the Emerald City by donating to PlantAmnesty through GiveBIG. This annual fund-raising campaign helps keep PlantAmnesty in the black so we can do more for trees! And shrubs.  

GiveBIG will award more than $250,000 to nonprofits with Dollars for Change. These random drawings of $1,000 each will benefit small- and mid-sized organizations like PlantAmnesty!

 Attend our events including:

Renew your membership! Stay informed. Stay engaged. Now more than ever.    

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No Place for Old Trees

Read Cass’ thought-provoking series of articles collectively called No Place for Old Trees. Despite research quantifying the multiple values of the urban forest, trees and green spaces are in greater danger than ever before. Find out why and how developers captured the high moral ground in Seattle. And, learn how trees can and must go hand in hand with DENSITY. No Place for Old Trees is also available on the PlantAmnesty YouTube channel.

Cass' Density Rant

Part I
Part II: Infrastructure--Friend or Foe of the Urban Forest: Green Roofs and Bio Swales
Part III:  Infrastructure--Friend or Foe of the Urban Forest: Green Walls, Green Facades, and Permeable Pavement
Part IV:  Why We Don't Fund the Urban Forest and Green Space Programs
Part V:   Common Misconceptions