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Ciscoe Morris dedicated his January 28th radio show to Cass.

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Sad News about our Founder and President: Cass Turnbull

We here at PlantAmnesty are deeply saddened to have to announce the sudden and unexpected death of Cass Turnbull, while vacationing in Hawaii with her husband. She suffered a fatal heart attack after a swim.


She was the power, the energy, the humor and the magic behind PlantAmnesty. We will miss her terribly.

 We will communicate plans to honor Cass as they develop.

Meeting of Like Minds
When: Tuesday, February 21st
Where: CUH
Time: 7-9 pm

Speaker: Lisa Steele, "Gardening with Chickens"

Chickens and gardening go hand in hand, but if you don't do some pre-planning and supervising, your flock will happily trample, scratch up and gobble up all your prized produce. Learn how to incorporate chickens into your gardening to the mutual benefit of both. Chickens are nature's aerators, tillers, fertilizers and bug control and are wonderful garden helpers through all four seasons.
Lisa Steele is a 5th-generation chicken keeper, Maine Master Gardener, aspiring herbalist and coop to kitchen cook in addition to being a top-selling author and the creative mind behind the Better Homes & Gardens award-winning blog Fresh Eggs Daily® (
Lisa engages fans worldwide on her Facebook page of the same name with her easy, fun and accessible approach to raising backyard flocks naturally. She inspires both the newcomer and the seasoned chicken keeper alike to grab a pair of kitchen shears and head out to the herb garden on their way to the chicken coop.


No Place for Old Trees

Read Cass’s thought-provoking series of articles collectively called No Place for Old Trees.
Despite research quantifying the multiple values of the urban forest, trees and green spaces
are in greater danger than ever before. Find out why and how developers captured the high
moral ground in Seattle. And, learn how trees can and must go hand in hand with DENSITY.
No Place for Old Trees is also available as a video on the PlantAmnesty YouTube channel. 

           Cass's Density Rant
           No Place for Old Trees Part 1- Green Infrastructure
           No Place for Old Trees Part 2- Green Infrastructure
          No Place for Old Trees Part 3 - Funding
          No Place for Old Trees Part 4 - Misconceptions