"you call, you dig, you haul, thats all"
Adopt-A-Plant list preview

Updated most every day with new offerings, access to the Adopt-A-Plant list is a PlantAmnesty membership benefit. And now we've added GREEN SHARE! It works like Adopt-A-Plant, but it's about accessories. That's right! It's not just about plants any more, it's also about all those important accessories for your garden.

Members get first dibs choosing which of these orphans to add to their gardens.  Though anyone may list plants for adoption -- and we hope you will -- the Adopt-A-Plant list is password protected for members.

Members, LOG IN for the most up-to-date ADOPT-A-PLANT LIST!

If you're not a PlantAmnesty member and wish to join now, we'll supply the password with your welcome letter.  Other membership benefits, you ask?  Indeed!

  • Our quarterly newsletter chock full of pruning tips, interesting stories and other amusements
  • Discounts on classes, workshops, and garden tours
  • Free pruning DVD (in English or Spanish)
  • Fun volunteer opportunities with like-minded people

Adopt-A-Plant is free; there is no charge for giving or receiving.  Shrubs and trees over 10-12 feet tall are most often too big to move privately. If you have a tree that is a better candidate for removal than for Adopt-A-Plant, the PlantAmnesty Referral Service has names of professional diggers.